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  • Learn the accusative with want to and need.
  • Review the modal verb must.
  • Practise the "Unit 2: Have a nice trip!" vocabulary.

2.4.1. NEEDS vs WANTS.

The accusative with WANT TO and NEED.

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I want my brother to pack my bags for me, but I don't need him to do it.

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2.4.2. GAME TIME!

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We need:
  • Students are in a circle.
  • Presentation: I want... to go to...
  • A soft ball.
  • Cards: affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences.
Game rules:
  • The teacher throws the soft ball to one student and takes a card. Then, he/she says the sentence, acording to the presentation and to the card. Example: Card: negative sentence: "I don't want Pedro to go to London."
  • Pedro throws the ball to a classmate, take a card and say the sentence according to the presentation.
  • And so on.


DRILL SECTION.jpegflecha.gif

CARDS (make some copies)
GAME: Teacher gives to each student a card. Students must show the card when appears the word in the drill.